Adavantages of online betting

Curiosity is inherent in all human beings since the first humans ventured out of the bosom of Africa. It’s our in our nature to venture into uncharted territory and gamble with our life without that important ingredient in our behaviour, humanity wouldn’t have spread, survived and prospered in this harsh planet. It’s in our nature to gamble and we used to gamble with our life to catch big game during ancient times to provide food for our clan members and family, like many tribes still do in the Amazon and in the jungles and plains of Africa and Asia.

Closer home in an urban environment, city folks have no such luxury or freedom. That doesn’t mean the inherent nature to risk and gamble is dormant in individuals who live in metropolitan cities. The only difference is expression. Where in jungle, tribesman gamble with their life to hunt game for the sole purpose of providing food for their fellow clan members and family and beat starvation, city folk’s gamble with their income and money saved, for pleasure and some thrill. Time and law of the land with religious and social stigma limits the scope of gambling. Herein you have the Advantages of online betting.

The fundamental reason

People who have loose cash in their hand and want to test their luck, prefers a medium which will keep their identity a secret. The advent and spread of broadband internet and cheap tariffs in developed and developing countries, and the development of sophisticated information technology and improvement in online gaming software, guaranteed private interaction along with safe and secure monetary transactions’ in real time. This led to the explosion of online gaming industry all over the world.

It has been many years and online betting industry has grown leaps and bounds due to improvement in technology and gaming rules and regulation which govern them, hence there are many Advantages of online betting to get rich quickly for an individual and also for governments to earn massive revenue for the economic welfare of a state through its proper regulation.

The incorporated precedents

The online gambling industry uses many technological leaps such as, automated teller machines, online banking transitions technology, digital satellite, and fibre optic communication and associated mobile telecommunication technologies to provide live gaming experience. With the advent of fast and cheap multi-core smart phone and tablets and the spread in mobile gaming applications on Android, Apple, Black Berries and Windows mobile operating system and fast mobile internet browsers in 2011-12, the online gaming has truly gone global.

These are just some of the recent Advantages of online betting. Betting online enables a player to wager on many games simultaneously. Whether it is football, tennis, basketball, boxing, horse, camel or greyhound racing, mixed martial arts fights, formula one racing or even cricket, one can bet on all these games in real time, in an open, fair and transparent environment. The sophistication of such a portal is amazing, a punter can even bet on a political election or on the prospects of a political leader or a party.

Why the boom?

One of the biggest selling-point of online gaming is ‘anonymity.’ It’s one of the most important Advantages of online betting industry. Most religions frown upon gambling; a hint of gambling in your personality and you are damned as decadent, and ethically and morally promiscuous. So, it is only natural that most God fearing family man and respectable individuals, with some loose cash to spend, and who like to risk their luck and test their fate, would like to stay anonymous while betting. The internet is a big game changer in that case. Now you can choose the game of your choice and bet right from the comfort of your chair at office or at home.

‘Simplicity’ is another important Advantage of online betting. In an online gambling environment, all the bets and games are put together on one easily navigable screen ensuring the punters a great experience in gambling through their computer or through any other large screens. Today online gaming portals are easy to navigate and satisfy an individual’s all gambling needs. You can open an account free of cost and engage in the latest bets from anywhere in the world. You can deposit your money with a credit or debit card or through online banking methods. The winnings are immediately deposited to your designated bank account in real time; this facility is available 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

Auxiliary benefits

Strict rules, regulations and its enforcements are the recent Advantages of online betting industry, and offer a ‘secure, fair and transparent’ means of gambling. Most online gambling sites have a policy for responsible and fair gambling. One player can only use one account. The online betting company also has an IT team and anti fraud experts who perform systematic and random security checks to maintain system integrity and fairness. Players found to be using dubious means or unfair and deceptive practice are barred immediately, as most online gaming establishments share information with each other on fraudsters and habitual defaulters to ensure a fair playing field for genuine customers.

Another Advantage of online betting is that all online betting sites nowadays offer easy payment option through multiple means to en-cash your winnings. Out of all the benefits, the most important can be the psychological one. We all need some excitement once in a while to make our existence a little more interesting. All of us get a little bored, get a little restless. And a little bit of risk never hurts anyone and makes the existence worthwhile. This is the moral behind the continuous success and profitability of every gambling establishment, since time in-memoriam.

History and literature is testament to how gambling made or ruined man. Shakespeare’s Shylock teaches Antonio’s misfortune and Shylock’s suffering due to follies associated with gambling, history teaches how to take the bull by the horn and risk everything. After all nothing ventured is nothing gained, that’s what pushes people to gamble. The single thought that no matter how difficult winning can be, there is still a chance that you can win, no matter the odds. As long as this single thought prevails, gambling industry will prosper. It is futile to fight this and governments all over the world have learned to accept this fact, and have decided to earn tax for such endeavours.

Addictive gambling can be a major problem. It is crucial for the bettor to choose a risk amount that he is comfortable with, irrelevant of the fact whether he is on a cold streak or hot one. He must not lose his emotions and be patient and gamble with a clear mind.

Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.